Mission Statement

The objectives of the Police Association of Lafayette are benevolent, educational, charitable, civic, patriotic, and fraternal. Its mission is to:

1. Preserve and strengthen the fellowship among members.

2. Improve and monitor the working and living conditions of its members, their families, and the community.

3. Promote the health, security, economic, cultural, legislative, educational, social, political, and recreational interests of its members, their families, and the community.

4. Defend and extend democratic institutions, procedures, and the civil rights and liberties of its members and the community it serves.

5. Maintain true allegiance and faith to the Laws of the State of Louisiana and the constitution of the United States of America

most recent event

Members of the executive board of the Police Association of Lafayette, in partnership with Super 1 Foods, delivered fifty basket vouchers to food net, located at Progressive Baptist Church in Lafayette.  


Sergeant at Arms



Vice President


Cpl. David Stanley

Det. Thomas Marceaux

Lt. Monte Portier

Cpl. Scott Rummel

Sgt. Toby Delahoussaye

Executive board


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